Server software for games

Open World Server (OWS) is a server instance manager designed to create large worlds in UE4. Either by stitching together multiple UE4 maps or by splitting a single large map into multiple zones, OWS will spin up and shut down server instances as needed based on your world population. OWS can load balance your world across multiple hardware devices. OWS can support thousands of players in the same world by instancing up and out. A single zone can be instanced multiple times to support a large population in one area. Areas of a map can also be split up into multiple zones to support a larger population. In addition to server instance management, OWS also handles persistence for Accounts, Characters, Abilities, Inventory and more.

Build Massive Worlds

  • Build large worlds spanning multiple maps
  • Split large maps into multiple Zones
  • Manage world server instances
  • Load balance across multiple servers
  • Deploy to Windows (Linux support coming soon)

Persistent Character Storage

  • Save player location / rotation
  • Use dozens of predefined fields
  • Add your own custom data
  • Preserve statuses, buffs, and debuffs (coming soon)
  • Store character inventory
  • Track abilities

Gameplay Abilities

  • Easily build abilities and spells using blueprints
  • Abilities use client side prediction with no network programming required.
  • Persistent storage of abilities and ability bars

Account Management and Character Creation

  • Allow players to sign up for an account
  • Create multiple characters on the same account
  • Save cosmetic data such as morph targets and colors

Inventory Item Management

  • Manage item stats and settings
  • Create your own custom Item Types
  • Add your own custom item data

Chat Across Servers

  • Chat with anyone anywhere in your world
  • Create an unlimited number of persistent chat channels
  • Send Private Messages