Server software for games

Build Massive Worlds

  • Build large worlds spanning multiple maps
  • Split large maps into multiple Zones
  • Manage world server instances
  • Load balance across multiple servers
  • Deploy to Windows (Linux support coming soon)

Persistent Character Storage

  • Save player location / rotation
  • Use dozens of predefined fields
  • Add your own custom data
  • Preserve statuses, buffs, and debuffs (coming soon)
  • Store character inventory
  • Track abilities (coming soon)

Gameplay Abilities

  • Easily build abilities and spells using blueprints
  • Abilities use client side prediction with no network programming required.
  • Persistent storage of abilities and ability bars (coming soon)

Account Management and Character Creation

  • Allow players to sign up for an account
  • Create multiple characters on the same account
  • Save cosmetic data such as morph targets and colors

Inventory Item Management

  • Manage item stats and settings
  • Create your own custom Item Types
  • Add your own custom item data

Chat Across Servers

  • Chat with anyone anywhere in your world
  • Create an unlimited number of persistent chat channels
  • Send Private Messages